Thursday, December 31, 2015

How I Get Organized for a New Bible Study

A new bible study is about to start for me and I love getting ready for a new study. Something about it reminds me of starting a new school year. I buy supplies, get my stuff ready and feel so ready to learn from God.  I thought I would share how I prepare.

This next session is going to be The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. I love her work and have completed her Jonah and Gideon bible studies before.  I am really looking forward to this one.

The first thing I do when I buy my new bible study book is take it to Office Max or Staples and have them bind it. It is about $3 to have it bound. It is so worth it because it stays open much easier.

 Next, I tab the weeks. This is a short bible study so I chose to tab on top. But for 10 week studies, I place the tabs on the side.
 I turn to the first page of each new week and place the tab on that page.
 I have used post it tabs in the past. But this time I found these cute paper clip tabs that were prettier and cheaper at Office Max.

 Then I add a post it arrow to the page where I will start. I move this after I finish the day's work to tomorrow's first page. It makes it easier for me to find where I need to go.  If I tab on the side of the book, then I use the post it on the top for easy viewing.

 Bible study isn't just about the book. I use this notebook on the side to record my thoughts on that day's lesson and to reflect more deeply on a particular scripture that interested me.
 On the inside cover is a pocket where I keep my prayer calendars. I love prayer calendars. They remind me to pray for things I might not always remember to pray for.
 Here are some of the prayer calendars I am currently using. This one is a prayer calendar for my small group. I found it here.
 This one is for attributes to pray for my son. I could not find the link but I found it on Pinterest.
 I use the one below for its names of God. It allows me to focus on a particular aspect of God in my adoration time. Adoration is focusing on WHO God is. That is why I love these names of God.  It also included other peoples that I could focus on in prayer like leaders of our state, city, or nation, etc.  You can find it here.
 This one below is a prayer calendar for my husband. You can find it here.
 I say the prayers above aloud before I begin my bible study and then ask the Holy Spirit to help me learn what I need to learn from today's bible study. I ask God to teach me from His Word.

After I finish my bible study in the book, I use the SOAP method to focus on one scripture verse from that day that stood out to me. I love Beth Moore's bible studies because she always has a Today's Treasure verse that I use to focus on for this section of my study.

I write down my prayer after learning from the scripture verse.
 I close my Bible Study time by praying for those closest to me. I write specific requests down in the prayer section of my notebook (the back of the book sectioned off for prayer). I use the 2 column method. On one side I write Prayer requests for myself or others, on the other side I write praises down when prayers are answered. I date both.

Below is an example that I found on Pinterest. No website or link is associated with it so I can't tell you where it is from but this is how I do my specific ending prayers. I label the left side Prayers and the right side Praise.
Prayer Journal Sample - I never really knew what to do for a prayer journal. I love this. Now I know.:

When I am active in a bible study, I do this 5 days a week usually Tuesday - Saturday. Monday is my bible study group meeting day. I study in the evenings before bed.

My new study starts in 4 days! I am very excited to begin.

Hope this helps.

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